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IR Dual Emitters
Hardwired IR Emitters with 2 IR Heads
IR Extension Cable & Dual
50 ft. Dual Emitter IR Extension Cable
IR Extenders
Wirelessly sends IR throughout the house
IR Blaster
Allows IR to be sent across the room
UPS Premium Power Package
Battery backup for appox. 1 hour
X-10 Appliance Module
X-10 plug-in wall module for appliances
X-10 Lamp Module
X-10 plug-in wall module for floor lamps
X-10 Universal Module
X-10 Universal Module
Dual Power Adapter
Power adapter that can power 2 base
stations. Flip a switch to choose which to
Battery (Standard)
Standard 1-2 hour talk time battery
Battery (Standard)
recycle casing
Return old battery to SAJE Tecnology for
Battery (Extended Life)
8-10 Hours of talk time
Wall Power Supply for Earset
Allows earset to be plugged into wall power
for use
Two Line Kit
Allows use of COMMUNICATOR with 2
telephone lines.
Replacement Headband
(microphone not included)
Speakerphone Option
Allows use of COMMUNICATOR earset as
speaker phone (includes mounting
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