SAJE Technology Mission:

Develop the highest quality products and provide distinguished
customer care.  Offer our customers the right technology at the right
price, allowing the user to gain control of their surroundings, to create
the most independence throughout their entire living environment.

SAJE Technology was founded as a consumer electronics company,
developing wireless voice activated telephone equipment for an elite
group of users.  Quickly after releasing their first product the company
began receiving requests from rehabilitation facilities to adapt the
telephones with switch technology.  Allowing users with special
needs access to a private phone conversation.  The company was
able to make the modifications and soon found that their technology
could touch lives in more ways than they had ever imagined.  Again,
at the request of a rehabilitation center the company developed and
installed their first environmental control unit.  Recognizing the
calling, the company founder changed the focus of the company to
serve a new group of elite users, the special needs population.  The
staff of SAJE Technology takes great pride in providing the highest
quality products and customer care and looks forward to helping
empower you to gain your independence.
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